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DM Realty
  Margaret Fogarty 
Principal - Margaret Fogarty has leadership skills that would surpass many others. She makes sure that all tasks are performed efficiently within the office. Margaret has a very strong desire to succeed with anything she does. Margaret works in all areas of the business from Property Management, Sales, Accounts & Marketing. All duties are accomplished to a high standard. Margaret also enjoys meeting new people and helping them to achieve their goals.

Margaret enjoys reading, listening to training CD's & DVD's and attending various workshops in that way she is constantly upgrading her skills.

Margaret is the admin person to our 2 facebook pages. You can check us out on facebook by going to and Don't forget to "like" these pages then share and comment to posts as they appear.

Margaret also likes spending time with family and friends.


DM Realty - Real Estate Agents & Property Management
Townsville - Queensland - Australia
+61 747 244 611